Indeed never give up! The times may be hard the future uncertain looking back its a chapter of disaster forging forward, next to impossible then OMG! No! don’t complain don’t regret don’t whine don’t ask why? but nevertheless don’t just sit there hoping and praying for the best while expecting the worst! Fight like a warrior. Never give up! Have you not heard that challenges are meant to mold us stronger? The stronger us becomes more adaptive we thus find better options to maneuver our troubles. I mean life would be monotonous and boring if all we needed was at our finger tips. It would kill the innovative spirit in us. All the magnificent technology was born as a result of some smart individuals who were under pressure to solve society problems. Instead of giving up, they persevered to strike a lasting solution. Ironically giving up is easy but it costs you a lifetime whereas pressing on is hard and that’s why it rewards you tremendously. SO WHICH DO YOU CHOOSE? In our daily life we are faced with PRESSURE. Pressure to perform above standards, pressure to deliver extraordinary result within deadlines, pressure to keep hard promises, pressure to survive recession on limited incomes, pressure to impress our peers and the list is endless. You should be somewhere. WHERE ARE YOU?

Most of us are under pressure without even knowing that! Dangerous it sounds! A story is told of a young girl who was stressed up. She decided to visit her granny whom she opened to. The wise granny led her to the kitchen and took three pots with water to boil. Her grand daughter watched keenly. In the first pot, she put several EGGS. In the second pot she put chopped CARROT sticks and in the third, she put ground COFFEE beans. She placed a lid on them all and allowed time to boil. After a fifteen minute wait, she poured the contents in the three pots onto different bowls. She requested her daughter to observe the contents and give her remarks. The first bowl had EGGS – they were hard. The second bowl had CARROTS – they were soft. The third bowl had COFFEE – it was colored. “Look kid?” her granny took over. “The EGGS, after undergoing pressure of heat under boil, hardened up. The shaky yolk and liquid around it became strong and could now withheld support without the outer shell. The CARROTS which were initially hard, after undergoing pressure of heat under boil became soft. On the other hand the case with COFFEE was a unique one, the coffee meeting pressure of heat under boil integrated by mixing with water to form coffee drink!




 Thesmart cockrel


Humanity exists with a variation of characters. we can not be the same all of us but all in all we have to either way feel proud to exist as unique us. The idea is love yourself the way you are don’t look around and envy appearing like your surrounding.  Just improve yourself on every new day to realize the best in you. This is the art most of us fail to uphold. We leave a life of mimicry trying to idolize public figures in our midst at our own peril. That’s why today i brought you the above picture which i took back in the upcountry when ad taken amid semester  holiday break late in June. the cockerel amazed me as it strode majestically past me seemingly saying what ave captioned up there…….