sonnets and dragonflies

you’re only running from yourself.
the shadows you create.
you’re only turning gold to lead.
mistaking love for hate.
you’re only shattering a mirror,
you thought a prison wall.
you think you’re trying out your wings,
you’re only gonna fall.
you’re only burning bridges while
the floods around you rage.
you think you’ve solved the mystery
but you’ve missed a crucial page.
a pin ball flipped and bounced about
oblivious to will.
youth, sweet youth, my daughter.
truth is waiting for you still.



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Kenya Stockholm Blog

Pre-Broadcast Transcript to KSB from Aljazeera

Kenyan presidential candidate and ICC defendant Uhuru Kenyatta has told Al Jazeera that he will continue to appear before the court in the Hague even if he is elected president in the upcoming vote. Kenyatta and his running mate, William Ruto, have been charged with war crimes by the International Court relating to the 2008 post-election violence. Al Jazeera’s Folly Bah Thibault asked Kenyatta how he would defend himself while at the same time running the affairs of the country. Kenyatta said he was confident about the outcome of his trial in the Hague in April.

More than 1300 people were killed in the ethnic violence that followed the disputed vote. Kenyatta says he is innocent and denies any links with the Mungiki sect, one of the key militias involved in some of the most terrible violence.  He also said PM Raila Odinga shares…

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