Small Town Hockey

I really miss the days i used to play hockey at school….

Geo Sans

in canada

hockey was considered

an official religion


a player

was traditionally

tough, fast


honest, fair


the respect

for yourself, your teammates, your opponents

taught important lessons


you learned

to win, to lose

with dignity


you learned to play

with emotional poise



you learned to play

as a team

believing, trusting

each other



I don’t know what to believe


Hockey As Religion

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A Fashion Day Out – The Nairobi Fashion Market 2012 Spring Edition

SCOPE Magazine


The 10th and 11th days March marked the of the Nairobi Fashion Market 2012 Spring Edition at the Impala grounds. The weather said fashion, it was pomp and colour, where fashionistas met the designers. Throngs of men and women, young and old alike flocked at the grounds and I was there to get you the juice and its fruit. Cameras lenses were overworked at this occasion, celebrities hardly noticeable amidst fashionistas. Local brands traded very commendably from jewellery to dresses to hats to bags to shoes to beauty and body care products to house interiors. The phrase “All under one roof” was appropriate to sum it all up. Outstanding was the originality and finish-quality of the products. It was an ideal family experience as the kids had fun, the men had a bar and Shisha lounge on the side. There was plenty of food and snacks on sale to…

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Intensify It


Our bodies brushed together. I was getting closer and closer, not because I wanted him but because I didn’t want myself. For a while I remembered what it’s like to be young and scared and wanting so badly to give yourself away, because you don’t know what to with all that’s been given to you. You do it with eyes wide shut and a burning desire to never get yourself back. There I was again, trying to negotiate my peace of mind with a stranger since God, who has, at this point, turned into some sort of business partner – I’ll be a good girl, just please make this and that come true – seemed to have run out of it.

His grip got tighter as the minutes and our acquaintances passed by. His body was cold, his breath smelled of alcohol and mint and his skin, of cologne. My senses returned…

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Its our TIME : The only golden opportunity we have:

This is our space!


1. Live free from the addiction and influence of drugs and substance abuse but still enjoy   our  Youth to the brim.

                                                *  *   *

2. Nourish in size and sense thus know how to handle ourselves and mean emotions to avoid unnecessary conflicts with others and authority.

                                               *    *   *

3. Get to know and fully understand our rights and stand tall to defend ourselves in rare cases of violations.

                                                *  *   *

4. Explore the concept of self drive to instill into ourselves the right and most dignified degree of self control to always stay away from immorality and crime. DON’T TROUBLE TROUBLE BEFORE TROUBLE TROUBLES YOU!

                                                   *  *  *

5. Stand on our own and develop interest in self initiated income generating projects as we successfully…

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All you have to do is replace my name above with yours. That is my humble generous request to you. Having done that then we are good to share the view point of life.

At one point everything was just all the same. Life was good. God was the focal point of power and control as he undertook the creation process. As a strategic planner he created everything then finally made human beings in his own image and likeliness to be in charge of all that he had delivered on earth.

Am a brand just like the NIKE, Proctor and Gamble of these world because am a human being created in Gods image and likeliness. I have the five common senses of hearing, feeling, smelling, seeing, touching and am also gifted by the rare sixth sense of common sense. I can walk. I can run. I can communicate. I can…

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