Its our TIME : The only golden opportunity we have:

This is our space!


1. Live free from the addiction and influence of drugs and substance abuse but still enjoy   our  Youth to the brim.

                                                *  *   *

2. Nourish in size and sense thus know how to handle ourselves and mean emotions to avoid unnecessary conflicts with others and authority.

                                               *    *   *

3. Get to know and fully understand our rights and stand tall to defend ourselves in rare cases of violations.

                                                *  *   *

4. Explore the concept of self drive to instill into ourselves the right and most dignified degree of self control to always stay away from immorality and crime. DON’T TROUBLE TROUBLE BEFORE TROUBLE TROUBLES YOU!

                                                   *  *  *

5. Stand on our own and develop interest in self initiated income generating projects as we successfully…

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