KeyBank volunteers help Millionair Club Charity workers with job hunting

Updates and Success Stories from Millionair Club Charity

The Millionair Club Charity put KeyBank to work the morning of May 22, 2013 when 12 volunteers reported for duty as part of Key’s 23rd Annual Neighbors Make the Difference Day.

The KeyBank team met our program participants and provided job searching assistance – delivering resume tips, interview coaching and practice navigating online employment opportunities.

We help rebuild lives by providing job opportunities—daily work assignments, temporary jobs and permanent employment—to Seattle-area men and women seeking employment. We also provide essential wrap-around services, including connections to housing, hot meals, showers, laundry services, eye care and preventive medical care to support our workers’ success and help address unemployment and homelessness in our region.

“Thousands of men and women in our area are still affected by the recession and are looking for work,” said Jim Miller, executive director of the Millionair Club Charity. “It was great to have these business-savvy volunteers on hand…

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Social Entepreneurship Reading Suggestions

Illinois Task Force

BookshelfWith summer in full swing, many social enterpreneurs take advantage of available time to catch up on their reading. By focusing on a wide variety of literature touching upon various issues, many embarking on social ventures provide themselves the opportunity
to expand their knowledge base, enabling them to work more effectively.

In that spirit, we would like to ask members of our task force – what particular books, articles, web sites, or other media do you find helping in your efforts? What are the “must reads” for social entrepreneurs and others involved in social ventures?

Please feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments of
this post, or tell us directly via TwitterFacebook, or Linked In.

Once again, thank you for your interest in the Task Force, and news will be coming shortly!

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5 Things You Must Know As a Young Professional To Build Wealth


By Kara I. Stevens

wealth building

On April 30th, Marilyn Booker, Managing Director of The Urban Markets Group at Morgan Stanley  and board member of the New York Urban League, and Michael Braithwaite, Vice President, kicked off the “Building Wealth Creation” financial literacy and empowerment series for the New York Urban League Young Professionals.

With over fifty years of combined expertise in the area of wealth management, Mrs. Booker and Mr. Braithwaite were able to share a wealth (no pun intended) of information and guidance for young professionals thinking seriously about the current state and future of their finances.  Their wisdom provided us with some clarity with respect to the following cornerstones of solid personal finance:

1. Money Mindset: If you pay attention to all of the noise, naysayers, whims, and town criers out there telling you that the economy is going to collapse, the dollar has lost its…

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Social Entrepreneurship: A Key to Poverty Reduction and Agorism

My Articles and Blogs

In my last article, I wrote about the problems with foreign aid. I would now like to talk about the libertarian alternative, social entrepreneurship. The term “social entrepreneurship” isn’t typically part of the libertarian lexicon, but it should be. While libertarians do a good job of explaining how the market indirectly helps people through the profit motive, we need to do a better job of showing our support for those who use the market to help people directly. One of the biggest stumbling blocks libertarians encounter is explaining how a free society can take care of its least fortunate members. The answers typically given — private charities or NGOs, mutual aid societies, and for-profit ventures dedicated to helping others— can all fall under the category of social entrepreneurship.  According to Bill Drayton, the man who popularized the term through his foundation, Ashoka: Innovators for the Public, the job…

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