Business Advice

Avoid this Business Advice



When you start a business, suddenly everyone wants to advice you – your mom tells you not to take risks, your former boss tells you that the market for your product is flooded and your financier tells you to pay yourself last.

Well, the thing is not all this advice is worth following. Below are some examples of our favorite worst business advice from our list of favorites.

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A step by step Guide on How to Sell Based of personal Experience


Selling is a process and just a process it is, it starts with you. Let’s thus look at the How to sell as below;

  • Let your buyers believe in you
  • Let your buyers speak 90% of the time
  • Be transparent about yourself and the product
  • Don’t sell ice in Antarctica
  • Be optimistic not realistic
  • Be on your toes when you are selling over the phone
  • Follow up until you drop
  • Give time for your buyer for deciding
  • Calculate number of NO’s before hearing a yes
  • Smile all the way to the bank; yes you deserve to!

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