A step by step Guide on How to Sell Based of personal Experience


Selling is a process and just a process it is, it starts with you. Let’s thus look at the How to sell as below;

  • Let your buyers believe in you
  • Let your buyers speak 90% of the time
  • Be transparent about yourself and the product
  • Don’t sell ice in Antarctica
  • Be optimistic not realistic
  • Be on your toes when you are selling over the phone
  • Follow up until you drop
  • Give time for your buyer for deciding
  • Calculate number of NO’s before hearing a yes
  • Smile all the way to the bank; yes you deserve to!

SALES deal

Here a further look into the guides;

Let your buyers believe in you

Across, or is it around the Globe people buy Brands. You too you buy brands. You may or might not realize but you do. As a sales person, you might not be a brand already but all you do is make people (buyers) believe in you and what you are selling to them. Present yourself professionally and have the facts right as well.


Let your buyers speak 90% of the time

Yes you are better off playing the part of answering questions from your buyer instead of volunteering unnecessary information. It makes your work easier since you concentrate on the selling points instead.

A story is told of a junior sales man who was selling a two bed-room urban house to a first time couple. The very first house they viewed, the lady exclaimed to her husband “I love this place already” but the sales man kept talking and told them he has better options to this. He even insisted taking them round to view. They left and promised to call but never did. The point at which our sales man was to shut up and close the deal was where the lady said she loved the place! But what do they do? They re-define the buyers need then fail to meet the new enlarged need!


Be transparent about yourself and the product

Sure and very sure. This makes the difference of someone who is doing sales out of passion and one who is determined to only put some food on table that day. Unaware to you but the buyer tells either way. Don’t lie about the product whoever desperate you are for the money! Its malicious and uncouth. If you have not personally tested the product which might be most likely just tell that to the buyer but bring out the benefits of the product that will make them buy not out of coercion but as a result of benefits matching needs.


Don’t sell ice in Antarctica

Don’t sell ice in Antarctica. That brings us to a separate marketing topic of KYP, KYC and KYM. Its very important to know your Product, know your Customer and yet again know your Market. This is in connection with the interesting 5P’s of Marketing (Product, Price, Place, Promotion and Probe)

What that simply means is you have to identify a niche market for your product. The Antarctica for instance has ice all over no one will listen to your rhythm-less tunes of selling ice when they can go fetch it on the streets. Meaning there is no need for ice right there.


Be optimistic not realistic

The end game is the Money yes. It is however never a guarantee that the buyer will yield in. It all depends on how good you win them into buying.


Be on your toes when you are selling over the phone

A good sales man is always on their toes. You talk to a customer on phone and push for the opportunity to meet them in person and close the deal right and square.


Follow up until you drop

That’s the sales rhythm follow, follow, follow and follow till you drop. One thing though never let the customer conclude that you are desperate for that one sell. In as much as you keep following, follow from the perspective that you are dying to offer your service not to get their Money! (Which is mostly what you need anyway) Show your customer that if you don’t fix their problem (by offering your product or service) no one else will. In a good way not sounding bossy and commandeering.


Give time for your buyer for deciding

The customer is the king. Their decision to buy or not to buy over and over again is what determines the business survival or non-Survival after all. A happy customer is said brings another customer on the next purchase. Unhappy customer tells one thousand others about the poor services.

Let the customer make the decision to buy willingly without coercion once again. All you do is present a solution to them that they find tempting to resist.

Either way whether they buy or not, thank them for their time.


Calculate number of NO’s before hearing a yes

It is no rocket science that all and sundry will say yes to your offer to sell. However good a sales person you are people will always find a reason to say No to your face before someone says yes. In whatever case, accept their answers and move forward to the next prospects. Perhaps they don’t have money, may be your presentation dint just stand out, or they are those people who don’t buy on impulse or they will call you sometimes in future long after you moved out of your insurance job and ask “Mr. Secure-man do you still sale insurance?” Reading from Richard Branson; when someone asks you to do something you are not capable, accept and go learn how to and then deliver, but out of goodwill you say no but offer to link them up with Jemoh who has hang on that insurance trade ever since the president was a teenager.


Smile all the way to the bank; yes you deserve to!

Having done all the above this is the most simplest of all the process. Boy, smile all the way to the bank. You deserve it. Hurray! We sold!


************Happy Fathers Day………..this Sunday the 19th



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