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Lately Real estate has been the buzz word around town and land is selling like damn hot cakes. So my friend jokes if you happen to meet Kamau (which is religiously often) chances are he will be in a checked (red) shirt and a black polythene bag will be daggling in his hands, that polythene bag will contain among other things, land tittle deed in a brown envelope. (Roll eyes). Enough of him. Thing is left right and center Tom, Dick and Jerry are buying land, have bought land or better still wish (should it be hope?) to buy land in future. The home business in Kenya and around the world continues to grow in thresholds owing to the seven billion plus of us wanting somewhere to call our own. It is disturbing however that everyone has this ingrained notion that real estate business is a preserve for the filthy rich! Maybe, yes but NO, this write-up discusses a listing of the diverse implementable business ideas within the homes business (real estate)

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This Health Business

Food Combination and How It Affects Our Health

Health 1

Health is wealth, note the order, It precisely dictates that you need to have good health to be able to earn and build wealth. A fact that many of us being trapped in the wealth creation genesis forget! They say time is money but money when you convert it through engagement. We spend most if not all of our time between money making agendas at the expense of our Health!

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The Chase: Part Two


The Chase22


(start from here The Chase: Part One) ok. Read on…

…You keep staring. It keeps dawning. The city keeps coming to life minute after second. Activities pick up at a speed that makes you feel life has wasted you or is it you who has wasted life? Kids in boring uniform walking to school. The bodaboda guys ferrying people. Yellow buses aboard advantaged big bodied kids heading to school; buses and matatus like the one you are in stuck in stagnant traffic. The atmosphere virgin of only hope; people on board hell silent like a deserted cemetery. Some with earphones daggling from their ears, others fumbling on their smart phones and a fair majority deep a sleep. You look at the sleeping ones in glances, no one of them cares. Its like you are the only one who gives a damn care that they exist. The teenager with shabby hair walks along the aisle tapping people here and there exchanging cash for receipts. It makes money loose the might; like the only thing it can buy you is a piece of paper on a morning bus from a boy who dropped out of school to follow money. Just a mile ahead some boy of eighteen gets in with loads of airtime and sweets. No one buys. Who buys sweets in the morning? He gets out hope still evident on his face, only that you think otherwise of him. Some old age dark skinned man in a suit un-kept with a rosary dangling from his neck jolts from the front seat. He has a bible in his hand. Its Monday morning. “Another Summon?” You switch off

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The Chase: Part One

Part I

This is a story of an average adult in your normal developing (read Third world) Country out to make a cut of the cake out of the chase!

The Chase


You wake up. Perhaps late or probably just in time. May be you just managed to wake up on your own like the fair minority. Instincts are wild that you belong to the majority who an alarm need sound to come alive. Sorry if you keep missing the alarm. Shame on you if you keep snoozing, you know? Hoping that some factors just worked out right No, wait, hoping that your dear parents jolted to reality and said “look kid, keep off this chase thing, we are rich, all these was only meant to introduce you to responsibility.” Then you will murmur some hearty prayers to the God of Abraham and cover up head to toe as the rest of us face reality; the chase. Not unless yours is a movie scene.

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