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Lately Real estate has been the buzz word around town and land is selling like damn hot cakes. So my friend jokes if you happen to meet Kamau (which is religiously often) chances are he will be in a checked (red) shirt and a black polythene bag will be daggling in his hands, that polythene bag will contain among other things, land tittle deed in a brown envelope. (Roll eyes). Enough of him. Thing is left right and center Tom, Dick and Jerry are buying land, have bought land or better still wish (should it be hope?) to buy land in future. The home business in Kenya and around the world continues to grow in thresholds owing to the seven billion plus of us wanting somewhere to call our own. It is disturbing however that everyone has this ingrained notion that real estate business is a preserve for the filthy rich! Maybe, yes but NO, this write-up discusses a listing of the diverse implementable business ideas within the homes business (real estate)

PS; Privy to this and what primarily motivated to our delving into this subject matter was Home Hunt then “Earthly Possessions”  rather put together in a question of Just how far can a home search go? but here is your red-hot deal;

Landscaping Business

Landscaping is a diverse business which requires a creative approach. Initial investment is not as huge but one needs to be aggressive in terms of marketing and or prospecting for clientele. You can target individual home owners or go large scale by targeting property developers.

Lawn Care Business and Gardening services

Green and well tendered. Watered averagely and weeded sparingly. You will love such lawns. Welcome green is the colour they adore. You feel like not stepping on the grass even when the Kidero chaps have not put up that “don’t step on the grass warning.” What if you took up that business to take care of the lawns and gardening around homes for a fee?

Constructing and Fixing of Burglaries

It is often we wake up to news of burglaries. Seldom do we think such can present a business opportunity in the Homes Business. Major skill needed though is welding and the tools of trade. Charge preferably and do a commendable job.

Electrical Wiring Business (Building Wiring Business)

Perhaps at college you studied something related to electrical (wiring) this gives you a passport entry into the home business. Scout for new construction sites and sell the service. Better still do electrical repairs in homes.

Furniture Polishing Services

If there is a business that is become dynamic with time, then it’s the furniture business. Pick up the business of polishing furniture. Perhaps combine this with carpets and fabrics.

Floor (Tiles, Marbles, Terrazzo and Wooden Floors et al) Cleaning and Stain Remover Services

Some homes boost of state of the art floors which need regular maintenance and care. As an entrepreneur, you can pick up to offer such a service charged favorably.

Carpentry Services

Are you good with wood work? Any back ground in carpentry? If yes, then that is a business idea already for you. Make furniture for starter families or better still furniture upgrades and or repairs for customers.

Waste Disposal Business /Refuse Collector

This is unapologetically huge million-dollar industry. With the advent of urbanization, and the quick sprout of cities, waste disposal poses as an immeasurable challenge. Helping solve this is a rewarding business.

Security Services to Estates

So all and sundry say security starts with you. Have you noticed the bulge around the private security provision trade in Kenya lately? Everybody craves for security. Just refine your strategy and offer state of the art estate security.

Louvers / Windows Cleaning and Restoration Business

I have a friend who literally cleans windows for a living. Yes. But you know what he answers when you ask what he does in this town? The chap goes “am a transparent glasses technician” There you have it a business to take care of Louvers and windows both cleaning and or maintenance.

Plumbing Business

Plumbing and homes go hand in hand. If you are technically ingrained with the plumbing trade, start a business around it and target homes.

Roof Maintenance and Restoration Business

Installation of Air Conditions and Electric Water Heater

Installation of Security and Safety Gadgets in Properties

Locksmith Business

Real Estate Blogging

Real Estate Investment Club

Real Estate Software Applications Develop and Sale

Legal Services in the Real Estate Industry

Website for Listing Properties that are for Sale, Lease and Rent

Real Estate Agency Business

Parking Lot Cleaning Services

Pre–Construction and Post–Construction Cleaning Business

Property Makeover Business

Interior Decoration Business

Fixing of Wall Papers

House Painting Business

Property Cleaning Business

Swimming Pool Construction and Maintenance Business

Info Tech Fairs / Expos Start Organizing

Property Development Company

Property Management Company

Apartment Blocks Build and Rent

Warehouse Build and Rent / Lease

Land Rental / Lease Business

Real Estate Inspection

Real Estate Appraisal

Mortgage Brokerage Firm

Property Movement Business (Logistic Company)

Tutorial Class for Aspiring Real Estate Professionals

Power Plant / Generating Set Maintenance and Servicing Business

Property Brokerage Firm (Rental Agent)

Real Estate Advisory and Consultancy Service

Real Estate Magazine Publishing

Real Estate TV Program

Real Estate Radio Talk – Show

Virtual Office Rental Services

Start Hall Rental Services

Office subletting

Hostel Blocks Build and Rent

Shopping Malls Build and Rent


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