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Doing business has never been this easy especially with the advent of Technology that is fast changing the overall Business landscape. It got real for me when I ventured out to join the Ye Community:

While there I Stumbled upon Interesting Business Tools, Have a look:

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Guest Blog By: Morris Otieno (Wazito Farmers)

Good afternoon members?,, today I came to introduce to you the right chickens to rear,, for you know the right type of chicken to rear for profit,
Many farmers rush to buy new chicken breeds coming into the market without knowing their qualities only to end up with regrets and losses. Poultry keeping is now one of the most popular agribusiness enterprises that many people in Kenya want to go into.
However, many farmers rush into it without the most basic information on how they can do it the right way. The quail fiasco two years ago no doubt left many farmers with empty pockets when they made huge investments in quail rearing leading to glut in the market and a fall in prices.
Many farmers do not seem to have learnt a lesson.
Currently, there are a lot of rumors, and misguided exaggerations about new chicken breeds that are said to do much better than local indigenous breeds in production, enticing farmers to spend a lot of their money in search of the breeds which they only learnt about in newspaper articles and adverts. In this issue, we would like to shed light on the breeds available in the country and their qualities so that farmers can make informed decisions on the best type of breed they can keep to get good returns by making the best choice from the various breeds in the market.

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Chama Potential

Subsaharan Tribune


Kenya has an estimated 300,000 chamas that control close to Sh300 billion, a remarkable achievement by any standard.

These chamas have the potential to change the fortunes of generations to come, but only if they challenge themselves to do the extraordinary.

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Catering Business

Start A Catering Business

Guest Blog by: Timothy Angwenyi


With many people organizing events such as weddings, funerals, birthdays, baby showers, graduation parties, church events, political meetings and others, starting a catering business targeting these occasions can be lucrative if you have a good network.

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