Chama Potential

Subsaharan Tribune


Kenya has an estimated 300,000 chamas that control close to Sh300 billion, a remarkable achievement by any standard.

These chamas have the potential to change the fortunes of generations to come, but only if they challenge themselves to do the extraordinary.

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This Health Business

Food Combination and How It Affects Our Health

Health 1

Health is wealth, note the order, It precisely dictates that you need to have good health to be able to earn and build wealth. A fact that many of us being trapped in the wealth creation genesis forget! They say time is money but money when you convert it through engagement. We spend most if not all of our time between money making agendas at the expense of our Health!

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The Chase: Part One

Part I

This is a story of an average adult in your normal developing (read Third world) Country out to make a cut of the cake out of the chase!

The Chase


You wake up. Perhaps late or probably just in time. May be you just managed to wake up on your own like the fair minority. Instincts are wild that you belong to the majority who an alarm need sound to come alive. Sorry if you keep missing the alarm. Shame on you if you keep snoozing, you know? Hoping that some factors just worked out right No, wait, hoping that your dear parents jolted to reality and said “look kid, keep off this chase thing, we are rich, all these was only meant to introduce you to responsibility.” Then you will murmur some hearty prayers to the God of Abraham and cover up head to toe as the rest of us face reality; the chase. Not unless yours is a movie scene.

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How To Maintain A good Credit Rating


credit rating

How to Maintain a Good Credit Rating

The dictionary definition of credit rating is “an estimate of the ability of a person or and an organization to fulfill their financial commitments based on previous dealings”. Indeed in the current dynamic economies, its worth for everyone to take time to manage and make good their credit score. It long ceased to be all just about as to whether you can get loans, credit cards, and mortgages. It affects bank accounts, mobile phones contracts, monthly car insurance and so on. Offered here is a summary of what maintaining a sound credit rating might involve

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Business Advice

Avoid this Business Advice



When you start a business, suddenly everyone wants to advice you – your mom tells you not to take risks, your former boss tells you that the market for your product is flooded and your financier tells you to pay yourself last.

Well, the thing is not all this advice is worth following. Below are some examples of our favorite worst business advice from our list of favorites.

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A step by step Guide on How to Sell Based of personal Experience


Selling is a process and just a process it is, it starts with you. Let’s thus look at the How to sell as below;

  • Let your buyers believe in you
  • Let your buyers speak 90% of the time
  • Be transparent about yourself and the product
  • Don’t sell ice in Antarctica
  • Be optimistic not realistic
  • Be on your toes when you are selling over the phone
  • Follow up until you drop
  • Give time for your buyer for deciding
  • Calculate number of NO’s before hearing a yes
  • Smile all the way to the bank; yes you deserve to!

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