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A UK firm; Exotix offers that a rise in political stability will proportionately result in a reduction in Nonperforming loans NPL of the local market.

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Kenyans will have to apply for the new passport on the eCitizen platform. Thereafter they will be required to visit an immigration office in Nairobi, Mombasa and Kisumu for collection of fingerprints, digital photo and signature and also to drop required documents.
Those in the diaspora can apply for the new passport through Kenyan embassies and consulates near them.

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​The Centre stage of Doing.

I am on Loita Street right outside the humongous Barclays Plaza that place with a cross junction. I am juggling between different stuff today. As I wait on the vehicles to clear, am typing continuously on phone. Some girl approaches me. She’s a sales girl. She has this ‘ka thing’ attached on her phone from the back. It’s actually what she’s selling. She says it’s a security feature to help chaps like me who type from the street keep off snatchers. “But come on ma’am, you might lose your phone and finger in the process!” I don’t buy. Not because it’s bad but because I doubt anyone buys fancy stuff in January…



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BIZHUB Inaugural Session, 2018

Sorry this might look like an English lesson. Because well, ‘Inaugural’ just looked like it wasn’t the word. So I looked up…

What’s our Mission at #BIZHUB_Opportunity?
We are creating communities but primarily we are availing opportunity. We are on a mission of Giving the youth a voice out of unemployment.


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While trying several funding options, I’ve come across this question: *”What is your total addressable market?”*
The Total Addressable Market, also known as “TAM”, is a common metric potential investors and funders *use to size up your business opportunity.*
And if you ever meet a professional investor, like a venture capitalist or a private equity investor, it’s VERY likely that one of the first questions they’ll ask is:
“What is the size of your total addressable market?”
If you look clueless or don’t have a figure, they may think you’re not serious or ready for investment.
Most investors want to know the *size of the total addressable market* because it gives them an idea of how large or small your market is.
If your market is too small, most investors will not play.

A small market means the number…

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A guest bloggers perspective on the future of Bitcoin. (22nd)

Does it have any future whatsoever? Everyone asks. Personally I am as green in this field. But let’s find out from our guests perspective. Across the street however Tom, Dick and Harry asks me to join their Bitcoin networks. They say it’s the in thing lately. I tell them “can we talk about your Bitcoin venture after Elections?” Then I slide into oblivion.

Okay just like those days every one was ringing home saying they want a piece of quail eggs. And they bought with might and that poor bird became famous than the famous Goose😁. Okay that beside for quails are no more! Neither are quail eggs with their “miraculous cancer healing sensations” Today however, all and sundry talk about Bitcoins as the new rich! Just as you would pick from scars from the past (read quail farming for…

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