Business Basics 


​Business Basics

This year 2017 we all resolved to give a jab at enhancing our Business Acumen. The journey began at Biz Hub proceeded to Business 101 then Your Cut. In a nut shell and for the first weeks of January, all we have done is introduce the discussion on business, look at the business aspects then explore separate ways of coming up with business ideas. For this week our concentration is on business Basics.
In most cases, it’s said business is about people, products and processes. Under Business Basics, key attention is looking at the overall business management summarized under PODSCORD, then the business structures and most importantly The five P’s (Place, products, promotion, promotion) otherwise known as the marketing mix.

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Your Cut




IDEA Generation

To think fluidly and generate lots of ideas, here are some suggested principles:

Defer judgment: While generating ideas, critical and judgmental thinking must be suspended. Focus your energy on finding ideas and bouncing your thoughts off others with fluidity and open-mindedness.

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Business 101


Business 101


Week One:

A quick recap perhaps; The Biz Hub is a forum where individuals meet and kind of brainstorm on ideas. To juice it up; The Biz Hub is a land of opportunity. You walk in meet serious witty people who will give you countless insights into life and business as they listen to your side of the story. Then you will feel good about yourself! In a nut shell, Every Friday morning, we will be shooting up some post here that will guide our discussion for that week. Every Friday evening thus we will be all holed up on the fourth floor of the Norwich Union house oozing of Knowledge and ideas. For those who don’t fathom the town well, Norwich house is tucked on Mama Ngina Street towards where it intersects with Moi Avenue and Kimathi Street. To the breast, it borders the Union Towers that…

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Biz Hub




An Introduction

Hi. Am Tony.

Am a BRAND Enthusiast. I blog and lately am a Social Entrepreneur. I write about big ideas and give Branding advice that doesn’t suck. Some people say am funny. Other people ask we meet over coffee. Tell me something and make me feel good about myself. Anything.

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Financial IQ



Robert Kiyosaki: Rich Dad, Poor Dad


Without this financial knowledge, which I call financial intelligence or financial IQ, my road to financial independence would have been much more difficult. I now teach others in the hope that I may share my knowledge with them. I remind people that financial IQ is made up of knowledge from four broad areas of expertise:

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Christmas Gift Ideas


Pocket Friendly Christmas Gift Ideas:


It is that time of the year again and as they say Santa Clause is coming to town. Yes, Santa is you. All and sundry expect to give and receive in appreciation of the birth and life of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. By Statistics, Christmas is the most observed Holiday around the globe. At one point in time I was in a discussion with a friend who said people only give attention to the things that they really want to give attention and time to. By way of example he used Christmas to say, have you ever realized that people will celebrate Christmas whether it falls on Sunday or Monday? During the year however when you ask someone for say a meeting on June 1st, they will remind you “June 1st is a public Holiday, can we do this after…

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