The Barriers


Breaking barriers to starting a business

In Summary

Starting business needs courage to break the biggest barriers which always drive your minds to negate your inner-core dreams into turning them to reality, so called entrepreneurship.

Gisiri Peter

Entrepreneurial researchers suggest that more than 50 per cent of employed people in our planet hate their jobs and secretly wish they could start a business of their own. Who knows!! Maybe you are among those cubicle workers, right?

Starting business needs courage to break the biggest barriers which always drive your minds to negate your inner-core dreams into turning them to reality, so called entrepreneurship.

Now may be the best time to start your own business. Entrepreneurs today have access to a wealth of knowledge, a variety of support sources and reduced startup costs.

Yet, it is not always that simple. There are many challenges that come with the decision to start…

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Economic Leadership



“There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch.”
Pierre Dos Utt, Tanstaafl: A Plan for a New Economic World Order


Today evening we are set to have an up and close discussion about this idea of economic leadership that will culminate in the continuation of this write up picking from the insights that will be brought forth in that super session available on that link. But here is a sneak snippet of a four point guide;

  1. Make choices that give you flexibility
  2. Beware that things don’t always go up!
  3. Get as much exposure to other culture as you can.
  4. Understand the importance of communication.

“Rejection is an opportunity for your selection.”

Bernard Branson

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Start Small


24 Small Business Ideas for Small Towns, Villages and Rural Areas

1. Production of Organic Produce
Most rural areas have large arable land.Farming of food crops, fruits or rearing of animals devoid of artificial feed can provide substantial income to a would-be farmer.The farmer can use branding and good packaging to increase the revenue of the produce.If your produce is well promoted, people from within and outside your locality will buy from yo since people are looking for avenues to obtain food which is fertilizer free.
Texas Gardening the Natural Way: The Complete Handbook
The Organic Farmer’s Business Handbook: A Complete Guide to Managing Finances, Crops, and Staff – and Making a Profit
2. Production of Organic Manure
Organic manure is another business one can tap into. People in the cities who need flowers, or who grow their own vegetable in their small garden are potential customers.Organic manure is…

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Success Cycle


What is Success?

At the age of 1 years …Success is.
That you can walk without support

*At the age of 4 years …* *Success is.*
That you do not urinate in your pants,

*At the age of 8 years …* *Success is..*
To know the way back home.

*At the age of 12 years,* *success is..*
To have friends.

*At the age of 18 years,* *success is.*
To get a driver’s license.

*At the age of 23 years,* *success is.*
To graduate from a university.

*At the age of 25 years,* *success is.*
To get an earning.

*At the age of 30 years,* *success is.*
To be a family Man.

*At the age of 35 years,* *success is.*
To make money.

*At the age of 45 years,* *success is.*
To maintain the appearance of a young man.

*At the age of 50 years,* *success is.*
To provide good education…

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Campus reader?


Profitable business ideas for university students

Make money while still young and have your generation covered.

Universities are well known for their ability to offer a wide market to entrepreneurs because of the large number of students that live inside or around the university. With the flexible study hours it is possible for the university students or young entrepreneurs to do business in and around the university with small startup capital.

1. Movie shop

University students spend most of their time watching movie because of their flexible study hours. They live on movies and series. This is a money-spinning business idea that does not need much to start. All you need is a desktop, disk copier, seats for the customers, empty disk and case, a monitor for previews and woofer to entertain your customers.

2. Thrift shopping

One can buy clothes for a very cheap price in markets like Gikomba…

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The DIGITAL money mistake.


Online easy

One would say technology defines us. And going by the depth of the technological innovations within the Fintech world, one needs no more proof. At a global scale we have made tremendous strides, so far not so bad. As a country in particular we are not left behind on the innovation wheel. Of great concern today is the banking space and in particular the advent of digital money lending. To cut the long story short, let’s get to hear what one voice says on:


By Innocent Ngare

I was having drinks yesterday at Fine Breeze Restaurant in Dagoretti Corner with a couple of friends aged between 25-30. In the middle of our conversation, I asked to see their phones. I wanted to find out how many of them had these money-lending Apps that are mushrooming in…

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A Brand Story


What’s your different Narrative?

Ps: Interview Reporting by Daisy Okoti in a feature that ran on Daily Nation of Friday 23rd February 2018; My Network_People titled ‘Employment? No thanks…

“A brand is not what we tell the customer it is – it is what the customers tell each other it is.”

Scott Cook


It’s been 26 years of doing life. Writing has always fascinated. Back in the day at school I would win in essay writing competitions with the key highlight being the National Kenya Human Rights Essay Competition on governance as I wrapped up my O-Levels where I ranked third nationally. That kind of gave me an appetite that gravitated me towards liking writing with passion unaware of what the future held. At this point in time I reached a strong resolve to do things differently. Like how about I don’t go for career but instead…

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